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"It works, and that is what is important. I am so glad that I ordered Phonics Reading Made Easy. My son started kindergarten on a 2nd grade reading level! If I can teach my child to make reading easier with the help of 7 simple basic lost secrets of reading, anyone can do it".

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Mission Statement: To teach the world to read well "phonicly"

Project "Master Reading"... Mission Accomplished!

"Great readers are made, not born… with a few golden right rules”

Carol D’Amico, a graduate of Kean University in New Jersey, has over 30 years of experience as a teacher and reading specialist in NJ, MD, and FL. Her 3 daughters: a conservation biologist, an ER physician and a software engineer… have also made her a proud grandparent. Interests are family, education and curriculum.

When working with students, it was observed that every struggling reading student was uncertain about letter sounds (especially short vowel sounds) and/or lacked one or more of the 7 principles of reading, which everyone needs to focus on to master and clearly understand the total picture of what phonic reading is about. Even missing one letter sound or rule can create lifelong difficulty in that area. (This also applies to missing one or more of the golden basics in spelling, writing and/or math).

Once Carol began the Total Phonics Reading: Made Easy progam, she could not go back to any other method. After her students learned the letter sounds, they would learn the 7 rules of reading in about  6 hours. (Parents can do this on their own scehdule).  Then it was repeating the rules with anything they read until the rules were learned. 

The simple original method is STILL better than the slow/confusing programs today... and done in 7 steps. The best ever explanation and presentation of reading that the world has ever seen to make students and families expert phonic readers in the fastest, easiest, interesting and common sense way… was finally found for parents and teachers who want their children to learn the right information as quickly as possible.  

Carol now passes the complete wisdom of total phonic reading on to parents (and teachers), so it won't be lost again. It is a book to save for the next generations, too.  

Why is the quick-easy way to learn phonic reading missing in today’s reading programs?

The original non-grade 7-step reading method with the right information and the quick-easy-focused explanation of phonic reading was "lost" early on… as reading programs evolved through generations of too many methods, details  and rules… causing confusion.

By the 1960’s… the ‘Whole Language Method of no rules’ began… but was NOT effective. ‘New’ is not always better. No rules (or too many rules) create confusion, reading problems and loss of focus. A few right rules with simple explanation create order. Today’s society has become so complex in politics, medicine, insurance, law, education, etc.

Everything, including ‘learn-to-read’, has become ‘big business’… to sell many products, not the best method for students. Confusion makes money... as more products (books) are purchased to see if the next works better. In this age of over-information and misinformation one must find and focus on the right information to improve the future. The logical quick-easy-focused explanation of 7 true golden rules to reading are NOT in schools today, because it only takes a generation to lose ‘any’ information. It is then forgotten, unless someone discovers it again. (Also, schools teaching ‘phonics’ may not be teaching ‘total phonics’). Quickly learn to read everything with the one simple non-graded method. (Teachers/schools can only  choose from what books are available). Money is made with many learn-to-read books... and changing them often. There is no regulation. This is not addressed.

No more playing ‘telephone’ to teach reading… Remember this game of ‘telephone’ as a child? The first person said something. After it went through many people and got to the last person, it was totally different! Only one complete connecting beginning-to-advanced 7-step method is needed.

Computer technology is wonderful (after reading is learned). Computer reading programs are very slow and without explanation, even though the students love the computer to practice reading on.  The explanation in Total Phonics Reading Made Easy is still #1 with Alph & Bet’s logical reasoning of how and why words work to teach a child or adult to think and see that all words can be placed in one of the 7 catagories of beginning-to-advanced phonic reading. . Think of the mind as the 1st computer... focusing on the 7 golden rules until they are mastered… It’s the logic, heartbeat, rhythm and understanding of how reading really works.