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"I was worried, because I didn't know how to help my 2nd grade daughter, who was struggling with reading. Phonics Reading Made Easy was what I was looking for. It was so clear, organized and makes so much sense"

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Learn how to read phonicly using the Total Phonics Reading Made Easy book

"The Lost Legend and Legacy of  the Inventors of Reading… Alph & Bet" ®

The golden basics of reading, spelling, writng and math and now in one simple, organized book.. so you can see, learn and be in control of the basics that everyone needs to know...

Benefits all ages & abilities from 3 to 93 (Pre-K to Grade 12 and adult) to master reading skills... For: new, emerging, and weak readers, gifted, below-to-above-average-students, pre-school, home-school, remedial,  ADD, ADHD, ESL, 2nd Language, literacy, special education, etc. Any one who can have a simple conversation, learn vowel/consonant sounds, listen to a story and learn 7 fast phonic facts can learn to read. Non-grade or ‘gradeless’ methods are faster and more effective... Master each previous step before going to the next. No matter the age or ability, the simple rules are the same for everyone. Focus on them. When mastered, you have advanced phonic reading. Practice 7 rules with any words in any stories you read.  No matter the age or ability, the 7 simple rules are the same.

Complete Method Includes:

FREE 16"x22" fast-learn chart to learn, review, master letter sounds.   After sounds are mastered, begin book. Simple-unique 157 page LARGE-PRINT 8”X11” book with the story of 7 facts, explanation and 7 key activities. *  FREE BONUS SECTION: To master the “big picture” of the golden basics of spelling, writing, dictionary & math skills…

Table of Contents

I. Beginning Phonic Reading:
Step 1: How long and short Vowels & Consonant Sounds were Invented & Work
Step 2: How Beginning Words Work  * What Makes Long Vowels Short
Step 3: Consonant Blend Words  * Why Words have Accented and Unstressed Syllables and How They Work

II. Intermediate Phonic Reading:
Step 4: "E" at the end of words
Step 5: How letters A & Y Mostly Talk like their best Friends

III. Advanced Phonic Reading:
Step 6: How Large Multi-syllable Words Work
Step 7: How Double & Triple Vowels Work in Words* 'Sight Words' can be sounded-out more quickly

IV. Bonus Section:
Steps 8-15: Golden Beginning-to-Advance Basics of Spelling, Writing, Dictionary, Math Secrets....107-170

Secrets of Good Spellers: (Good phonic readers make good phonic spellers, because phonic                                                                                                             reading rules and phonic spelling rules are the same), Homonyms, Antonyms, Synonyms, Contractions       

 Secrets of Good Writers:  Parts of Speech and Diagraming of sentences                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Secrets of Good math Students: Counting to 100, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts,                                                                     place values to millions, carry in addition and borrowing in subtraction, fractions, decimals and percentage

(All in one simple book... so it is organized and parts can’t be lost)

How long does it take to learn to read well? Once letter sounds are learned, the 7 golden rules can be learned very quickly in an evening or week for older students.  Little people take longer. 4 year olds... can read on a 1st grade level. 5 year olds can read on a second grade level... and 8 year olds read almost anything... even words they don't yet understand the meaning of.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5 Who invented all reading? No one really knew... until now! The great mystery of reading, long-lost in history, is solved. Discovered in a dusty, musty, ancient family treasure-trunk, was the amazing lost story of HOW Alph & Bet created both the alphabet AND the orderly 7-step ‘Master Key’ of all 7 pieces of the complete reading puzzle, cracking the total phonic reading code! Alph & Bet were once so famous that the ‘alphabet’ was named after them)! There are still new words being invented each year. The inventors of reading were also the world’s 1st teachers... and everyone’s best phonic friends.  It is the book that ‘little people’ grow up with to learn letter sounds and master 7 fast phonic facts of the inventors of reading to ‘get ahead’ in reading OR help weak readers of any age can quickly use the book to ‘fast find’ the missing phonic basics to ‘catch up’ in reading AND THEN ‘get ahead’ to be strong readers… depending on age, ability, schedule… in the least time & effort. The 600,000+ words in the English language were invented with the 7 simple golden rules. Alph & Bet invented beginning Beginning words (3 steps), intermediate (2 steps), and advanced words (2 steps) = 7 golden steps!

Approved by families & schools in the US, throughout the world, Sarasota County, FL School System..

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